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Outpost24 is a international vulnerability management company, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, England, The Netherlands and the US. They help clients find weaknesses in their network, or web applications to better withstand cyber attacks.

I was the visual part of the marketing team. Being the only designer in the marketing team meant a wide variety of assignments; from designing expensive exhibition stands, layout of brochures, creating images for social marketing to updating and programming campaign websites.

The logo and primary colours were already defined when I started working for Outpost24. Rather than depict the sterotypical hackers in hoodie, I decided to focus on illustrating data. These abstract vector images could easily be scaled up to exhibition stands and adjusted to any background. Over the last 2 and a half years I've created designs for mega print exhibition stands used in Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and in the USA, a few of these are shown below.

Learn more about Outpost24.