Prison Architect

Prison Architect is the world’s latest Prison Management Sim. Starting with an empty plot of land you must construct cells, hire guards and try to keep your prisoners satisfied or they might start a riot. Do you create a monstrous super-max prison, or comfortable centre for rehabilitation, the choice is up to you. As of august 2017 2,2 million copies of Prison Architect has been sold, with a average userscore of 93% positive.

I worked for Introversion Software creating marketing materials, images for Steam, designed and programmed the official website, Artbook, and materials for early access backers.

Prison Architect deals with some serious topics, but with a very approachable graphic style. I decided this dualism should be shown in the design, friendly but also underlying dangerous.

The game can be bought on Steam. As of 2019 Paradox bought the Prison Architect IP from Introversion Software and continues its development.

First alpha released in 2013 and version 1.0 released in October 2015.